A timeless training ground

Like most people my age, the printed word was my training ground.

It was here that I honed my skills and learned a few tricks: how to persuade people without being bombastic; how to inform them without being patronising.

My first commission for Network came out of my work on house magazines and other internal publications. I went on to write a raft of Network features covering a wide range of topics.

The work I did for Zone 'A' stemmed from the retail experience I’d gained writing annual reviews for the British Council of Shopping Centres.

The Capital Guidance brochure grew out of an earlier version I’d written, which – in the way of these things – had become outmoded.

I worked with the designer, Peter Windett, on a number of projects for Russian Standard Vodka, including an early version of their website. This is by far the most glamorous item we produced.

The Footprint Music brochure led the way to a handful of service-specific leaflets, which have helped my client raise their profile in a difficult market.

The packaging for Town Talk Polish is a joy to work on. Mr Town Talk is an engaging fellow with an encyclopaedic knowledge of household matters. What’s more, his pitch works.