An engaging style that sells

Mr Town Talk has been his company’s voice for a while now.

He’s appeared on all the product packaging since its re-branding, and has proved not only popular but persuasive. Sales have been rising ever since his introduction.

As an example, I’ve singled out his pitch for his Gleaming Copper Cleaning & Polishing Paste, which he describes as “Perfect for pots, pans and kitchen utensils”.

Click here to read the textTOWN TALK POLISH COPPER CLEANING & POLISHING PASTE“This remarkable CLEANING & POLISHING PASTE will give even the most hard-working copper pots, pans and utensils a glorious, lasting finish that will brighten any kitchen! It’s been specially formulated to cut through the tarnish of time and bring life and light to all things copper. It is, in my view, wonderful!