Explaining a complex business

Footprint Music is a rights and licensing consultancy focused solely on the music and entertainment business.

My first job for them – writing their first-ever corporate brochure – was followed by a series of stand-alone leaflets designed to promote a clear understanding of the true value of their services.

We recently adapted the brochure for the new Footprint Music website.

Click here to read the textFOOTPRINT MUSIC CORPORATE BROCHURE FOOTPRINT MUSICIn tune with your businessFor many broadcasters and programme makers, the complex business of music rights clearance can seem almost unfathomable. Hedged about with fragmented copyrights, territorial considerations and repertoire controls, it presents a three-dimensional jigsaw that looks – to the untutored eye – unsolvable. At Footprint Music, we’re in the business of finding the right solutions. Established in 1994, we are a specialist rights and licensing consultancy focused solely on the music and entertainment business. It’s what we know and what we’re good at.We provide expert commercial and legal advice, as well as executive support, across all linear and non-linear media, including TV and radio, film, online and mobile platforms. Our in-depth knowledge is backed by hands-on practical skills. Our approach to negotiation is pragmatic and even-handed. Our reputation for reliability has helped us build valuable working relationships with a very wide variety of broadcast organisations, programme makers and content providers. In our constantly evolving business environment, with its ever-increasing commercial and regulatory pressures, you need to work with skilled people who are in tune with all the latest developments. You need Footprint Music. Strategic Advisory ServicesIn today’s multi-platform entertainment world, where constant change has become the norm, every broadcaster, programme maker and content provider should be aware of all the regulatory, financial and technological developments relating to music rights that could affect their business. As specialists in our field, we make it our business to stay ahead of the game and help our clients by understanding and demystifying the increasingly intricate processes involved in music rights and licensing. With our detailed knowledge of the complexities and pitfalls of both the UK and international rights markets, we can advise on all aspects of music rights and licensing worldwide. In the process, we can help you assess the likely impact on your business and determine the probable costs. As a result, we aim to bring legal clarity and financial certainty to any plans you may have for using music in material created for both linear or non-linear media, either in the UK or overseas. For more information on our Strategic Advisory Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at directorate@footprintmusic.com Day-to-Day Advisory ServicesWhilst forward planning is vital to the success of any linear or non-linear broadcast or content that uses music, the day-to-day business of music rights and licensing is equally important. Central to our essential services is our music rights Health Check. These Health Checks – which are carried out by one of our music rights experts – help us establish your current music rights liabilities. As part of the process, we will review your licensing arrangements and assess your potential rights expenditure and, possibly, valuable income. We also provide a music rights Helpline.Depending on your needs, this useful service can cover anything from two hours per month of expert advice via the telephone or email on a continuing basis to a more all-embracing service that provides both Health Check meetings and our regular advisory services. Taken as a whole, these day-to-day services will help you keep on top of your rights and licensing liabilities. For more information on our Day-to-Day Advisory Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at services@footprintmusic.com UK & International Music LicensingGetting the right music licences on the best possible terms can make a world of difference to the commercial success of your broadcast project. Our deep understanding and experience of the UK and international markets, combined with our strong negotiating skills, give us the expertise and competences needed to secure the best available terms for all our clients. In the UK, we work closely with a wide range of broadcast organisations who value the attention to detail, experience, expertise and integrity we bring to the process of licensing. In the international sphere, we deal with collecting societies and other organisations whose jurisdictions cover most of the countries of continental Europe and other major broadcasting regions. For more information on our Music Licencing Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at licensing@footprintmusic.com  Music Rights Audits & AccrualsUsing music in audio visual content destined for linear and/or non-linear distribution can add a magical touch, but it can also be a rights minefield. The consequences of using unlicensed material could have a severe impact on your business. By conducting a rights audit, we can assess and advise you on the legality of all your contracts in relation to music rights and licences and ensure that each and every one is operational within the letter of the law. Armed with this information, we can help you reduce the number of occasions when your business might become liable for costs. We can also show you ways in which your music rights costs might be cut, leaving you with extra funds for other uses. Hand-in-hand with this advice, we can provide an assessment of your music rights accruals, calculated on your liability for payments to the various national and international collecting societies whose territories you’re either working in or plan to broadcast to.Taken together, these services can reduce the problems surrounding unforeseen costs and, on a day-to-day basis, take the pressure off your financial team whilst protecting your reputation. For more information on our Music Rights Audits & Accruals Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at audit@footprintmusic.com Contracts and ComplianceOur expert legal team can lead or advise on settling the contractual terms and conditions required for the correct rights agreements or music licences needed for your project. Whilst securing these terms and conditions is one thing, fulfilling all your contractual and legal liabilities worldwide can be another. As an expert interface between your organisation and the various UK and international collecting societies, we can make your life much easier than it would be if you were dealing with these organisations yourself. We can ease the path between securing and operating music licences by acting as your reporting arm, providing guidance on the terms of your contracts, checking your invoices and managing your contractual liabilities, leaving you the freedom to focus on other, more creative, areas of your business. Our involvement in this way also ensures a high degree of continuity throughout the life of any music rights or licence agreement. For more information on our Contracts and Compliance Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at contracts@footprintmusic.com Music ClearancesIt’s all too easy to think that music clearance requires nothing more than a single phone call to the right person and the job is done. In reality, the process is much more complex. Success calls for an eye for detail, accurate copyright research, expert negotiation and meticulous contract administration. Although the sound recording will be owned by one record label, the ownership of the song or piece of music you want to use may be split among more than one composer and publisher and the original publisher and record label may have been absorbed into a much larger corporation. The questions will always be: how much will it cost and from whom should you seek clearance? Not only can we deal with this for you, we can also – through our industry-wide contacts – negotiate the cost for the clearance and take care of all the necessary paperwork. For more information on our Music Clearances Services, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at clearances@footprintmusic.com  Training & PresentationsWe’ve always believed that any broadcast organisation, regardless of its size, needs well-trained people who understand the basics of music rights, music clearances and music reporting. With our management skills and in-depth understanding of the UK and international broadcast markets, we can teach your key personnel all they need to know to keep the music rights and licensing side of your business on an even keel. We can also help with presentations designed to keep your executives and board members up-to-date with music usage, market trends, costs, liabilities and the potential hazards everyone should be aware of. The combination of these related aspects of our business offers a package that – expertly managed – can provide the right people with the right knowledge, giving them the confidence to operate more successfully. For more information on our Training & Presentations, call us on +44 (0) 1344 887 887, visit our website at www.footprintmusic.com or email us at training@footprintmusic.